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A native of Phoenix, AZ, Andrew Schiller is currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, working as a bandleader and sideman in various musical styles—the bulk of his concentration on jazz and improvised music. He’s performed his music all over the world at venues like Cornelia Street Cafe (NYC), the Jazz Showcase (Chicago), the Blue Whale (Los Angeles), the Panama Jazz Festival, and as a guest artist with the National Symphony of Paraguay in Asunción. In 2012, he was recognized in Downbeat Magazine for his work as a soloist and was awarded the ASCAP Young Composers Grant in February 2014. Andrew graduated from New England Conservatory in 2014.

Andrew’s debut album, "Tied Together, Not To The Ground," was released in May 2017, and his most recent project is "Sonoran," an 9-part suite for quintet came out in October 2019—both on Red Piano Records. These albums feature an adventurous and unique compositional style, blending jazz with contemporary classical, rock, and avant-garde influences. Andrew can also be seen/heard fronting two other projects: JoggerKnot (a three-tenor saxophone quintet influenced by a love of 1960's tropicalia, angsty rock, and surf music) and the Filament Trio (an improvising sax/bass/drum trio that skirts the lines between the angular and the nostalgic).

"Andrew Schiller's debut as a leader demonstrates a level of compositional smarts that's impressive at any age, quietly building a series of coolly thoughtful quintet pieces, boasting an excellent ensemble and arranging each part in service of a well-constructed whole." -All About Jazz

"Andrew Schiller has a knack for modern composition and his debut album, Tied Together, Not To The Ground, a 10-song collection of inventive genius, features an ensemble top-loaded with talent. Schiller’s debut is a worthy trip and his compositions reflect the blistering state of the modern jazz." -JazzTrail

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